Why Turn Key?


How our investors get high returns without any headache?

At Turnkeyrealestate.ca, we recognize the importance of your investment. That’s why we commit ourselves to integrity, transparency and hard work as we assist you in building your wealth. Our team of real estate professionals is dedicated to delivering product excellence, investment security and professional service.

When it comes to investing in income generating properties you really have only two choices.

  • You can do it all yourself or
  • You can let EquityBuild take all of the hassles out of finding you a high quality cash-flow investment property.

When you decide to work with us, service is what you expect and service is exactly what we deliver.

On average, we save our clients over 50 hours of research time

This means you do not need to…

  • Arrange for your own financing and waste time being turned down by your bank
  • Spend countless hours researching which markets make the most investment sense
  • Spend even more hours locating a property in rent-able condition with cash flow positive assurance
  • Hassle with getting renovation bids
  • Find reputable contractors
  • Visit the site and assuring the work gets done on time and on budget
  • Invest in marketing the property
  • Waste your time meeting with prospective tenants at your property
  • Manage your day-to-day property. Do you really want to get a call at 3:00 am from your tenant?

Because as you know, a vacant property is costing you big money.

Here’s How We Work Hard To Assure You Get The Perfect Property

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Immediate, Positive Cash Flow

Get an ongoing stream of passive income from day one

All of our projects provide strong, monthly positive cash flow from day one. TurnKey offers only superior, quality investment opportunities to our investors. We follow an extensive due diligence process, analyzing everything from third-party engineering reports and appraisals to market data and demographic trends. These rigorous evaluations ensure that our projects are financially attractive and have the potential to generate strong positive cash flow for many years to come.

  • Strong, monthly positive cash flow
  • Units are already rented when you buy them
  • Extensive due diligence assures long term and reliable source of income

Rent Warranty Program

We pay you the rent if your tenant doesn’t

Our investment opportunities are backed by our signature rent warranty program that is designed to provide security to your investment. Certainty is one of the most desired aspects when investing in real estate — this is why our rental warranty program assures you your rental income for the first four years of ownership.

  • You will still receive rent income if your property is vacant
  • Total peace of mind and security
  • Rent is covered for first four years

100% Direct Ownership

You have complete control but without the headaches

100% direct ownership means you have complete control. You own the actual property, meaning your name goes on the title deed. 100% direct ownership of the property gives you the flexibility you need when investing in your future. So if you want to sell the property, you may do so whenever you wish. Or if you want to renovate it or even move in yourself, you can, because you own it!

  • You have total control of what happens to your property
  • Your name is on the title
  • Keep it or fix it or sell it, it’s up to you!

Industry Leading Returns

We only invest in properties that offer the highest returns

If a property does not offer exceptional return to you as an investor, we don’t sell it. We dedicate over a decade of investment experience to the selection and acquisition of properties that have the highest potential. Each property that we evaluate is scrutinized and must meet our specialized criteria to be considered as part of our project portfolio. Our proven track record lets your benefit from our expertise so that you don’t have to take any chances on your own.

  • Reduced expenses and fees maximizes your return
  • Our properties are in pocket-areas positioned for high appreciation
  • Strong positive cashflow increases total return on investment

Trusted Property Management

Our world class property management gives you a hands-off experience

One of the key benefits of investing with TurnKey is that you get a hands-off investing experience, where a licensed, professional property management team takes care of your property for you. To ensure your investment is hassle-free, we take on all management responsibilities such as: rental collection, the payment of condo fees, property taxes & insurance, maintenance, tenant placement & qualification, expense disbursal and move-in & move-out inspections.

  • Never chase tenants for rent, fix plumbing, or pay utilities ever again!
  • World class, licensed property management team
  • Completely turn-key management works hard so that you don’t have to

Low Initial Investment

You don’t have to be a big shot to get big returns

Our investments allow even smaller investors to participate in returns that come from large projects. Compared to traditional real estate investing, our program requires low initial investment. Use our RRSP or Home Equity program, and you can buy even several of our properties with almost no out-of-pocket funds required!

  • Designed for beginner to seasoned investors
  • Big returns for small investment
  • RRSP or Home Program practically eliminates your out-of-pocket funds required

RRSP / HOME Equity Elible

Leverage your assets and build wealth faster

Do you want to see your RRSPs perform better than they currently do? Do you have equity in your home that could be put to work for you more wisely? With our TurnKey program, you may be eligible to use your RRSP or home equity to purchase your investment property. Why let your assets just sit there when they could be working for you, making you wealthy? Ask us how!

  • Use your RRSP to buy our investment properties
  • Use your home equity to buy our investment properties
  • Virtually eliminates out-of-pocket funds needed to buy a property

Competitive Rates And Fees

TurnKey only works with the best in the market.

TurnKey only works with the best in the market. Over the years, we have developed key strategic relationships with financial institutions and lawyers, allowing you to take advantage of competitive mortgage rates and lawyer fees.

  • Take advantage of lower purchasing costs
  • Take advantage of lower management and any other operating costs
  • Maximize your profits with our program’s minimized costs