Track Record

“Thanks to Joe’s JV mentorship program we’ve made over $153,000 flipping properties. With Joe personally walking us through his step-by-step system, our success was virtually guaranteed.”

Debbie Garbe
Interior Designer
Vancouver, BC

“Joe Rickards has been my business partner for years – you are in good hands.”

Andrea Lucas
Former Director
The World Bank

“After only 2 weeks of Joe’s JV Mentorship Program, I’m doing a syndication deal and we’re looking at $700,000 in profits in 6 months… all using none of my own money, or credit. Joe’s syndication strategy is a huge money maker and I wouldn’t have had a clue how to do it without Joe’s mentorship!”

John Schwetz
Edmonton, Alberta

“Joe separates himself from the pack by not charging large up-front fees, and instead, focuses on making money together with his apprentices. Having a mentor that only gets paid when you do is a much needed, fresh new approach.”

Ed Alfke, Founding Director
National Angel Capital Org.

“I made $24,000 on my first deal using none of my own money. God bless you Joe.”

Gerry Stanley
Vancouver, BC

“Joe Rickards is one of the most creative and diligent real estate deal makers I’ve worked with in my 28 year real estate law practice. I highly recommend Joe to anyone looking for a successful creative real estate mentor.”

Rick Ledding
Ledding Law Corporation
Vancouver, BC

“We made $42,000 buying and selling properties thanks to Joe’s strategies. With Joe’s JV mentorship program it was a walk in the park.”

Sarah Clarke
Vancouver, BC

“I’ve managed over $500,000,000 in the European markets so I can tell you first hand that having a system to find the best deals is the #1 secret to every investors success. I’m very impressed by how systematically Joe’s Real Deal FinderTM finds the best real estate deals in any Canadian & US city.”

Andre Voskuil
CFO, Petro Viking Energy Inc
Calgary, Alberta

“$140,113 profit from our 1st deal…& $39,402 from our 2nd deal… both with 100% bank financing! Having Joe’s A to Z personal mentorship throughout the entire process made it unbelievably easy and fast. Thanks Joe!”

Daniel Johnson
Surrey, BC

“Joe Rickards is one of the foremost leading authorities on real estate & finance today.”

Brian Tracy
World renowned Business Expert &
NY Best Selling Author (53 books)

“Joe’s mentorship has changed my life forever! In 2010 I quit my executive job with the positive cash flow from my multi-million dollar real estate portfolio and now I’m living the dream : )”

Darryl Torhjelm
London, ON