I have never heard of you before. Who are you and what do you do?

At Turn Key Real Estate, we are a company that provides turn-key, high yielding real estate investments for clients around the world. Our unique investment programs and structure allow clients to receive only the best quality property investment opportunities with the utmost integrity and professionalism. We take care of all the research and due diligence associated with investing, so your investment with TKRE is as hassle free as possible.

Are you a REIT or a syndicate?

TKRE operates completely different from a REIT or a syndicate. TKRE is not a developer or a financier – TKRE is the intermediary to your cash flows. Each of our clients invests into their own unit with their names on title. There is no confusion on who owns what and is entitled to what profits. Each unit that the clients purchase belongs strictly to them. No money is combined to purchase any other assets or developments.

What exactly am I investing into?

Each of our clients is investing into their own unit. These units are cash flowing today, and when a client purchases a unit, they are entitled to that unit’s cash flow.

Are there tax advantages when investing in income properties?

Yes there are. When you own an income property, the interest on the mortgage payments is tax deductible. Compared to your own residence, you cannot deduct the interest on mortgage payments from your taxable income.

Can I sell the properties? Can I sell it back to TKRE?

The greatest benefit to investing with TKRE is direct ownership. Each of our clients is legally registered as the owner of the unit so that they have complete flexibility over their investment. Clients can sell anytime they want and they can definitely sell back to TKRE.

What is a client’s exit strategy? How long do I have to stay in an investment?

A client’s exit strategy is to sell their unit. Exiting anytime is possible because of direct ownership. With a no pressure environment from TKRE, there are no restrictions on how long you have to stay in the investment. We offer this system so our clients have the flexibility and control over their investment. However, almost all of our clients hold on to their investment because it is a good investment, and our clients refinance their initial investment to invest more.

What kind of returns can I expect?

We aim to deliver the highest returns for our clients. While each project is different, we select projects that are similar to our past investments. You can turn to our past performance to get a general idea of the rental yields.

How do I get paid?

We arrange for the amount to be directly deposited into your bank account every month, allowing you to receive your payment without having to worry about the hassles of picking up a cheque and depositing it yourself.

What kind of programs do you offer all your clients?

We offer two programs for our clients. For the first four years, clients are assured of their rental income. That means that for four years, we are assuring that you will receive a monthly minimum cash flow amount. After the four years have passed, all clients are invited to join a rental pool in which clients mitigate their risk by pooling the rental income and dispersing it amongst other clients. If there are vacancies, the rental pool will offset the missing amounts.

What is the appraisal of the unit based upon?

Each unit is value priced so when an appraiser appraises your unit, the appraisal will come in higher than what each investor purchased it at.

Why don’t you offer projects in the Vancouver area?

The prices in the Vancouver market are very high. Unfortunately, its rents are not equally high. With a lower price-rent ratio, this does not maximize our clients’ dollars. Moreover, TKRE invests in areas with stronger landlord protection, allowing clients to enjoy as smooth of an income stream as possible.

Why invest in Alberta?

Alberta is a very strong market, and the laws and infrastructure in place benefit property investors much stronger than anywhere else in Canada. In Alberta, there are strong landlord protection, no transfer tax, and no rental caps. Furthermore, Alberta has a very strong economy with a large workforce, especially in the markets we invest in, allowing for a high and consistent rental demand.

How long have you been in business?

Turn Key Real Estate has been operating since the early 2000’s. Starting off as a group of sophisticated investors investing together, these investors joined together to offer what they were investing to the general public. Since then, TKRE has been offering quality investments and professional services, providing an excellent asset to clients’ portfolios worldwide.

Can I see the properties themselves?

We have nothing to hide. Our properties are physical assets that are already developed and have tenants inside. There are many ways you can see the properties: Google Street View, Google Earth, Satellite Images, or you can fly / drive down and see it first hand yourself – some of our clients have actually gone down to the properties. We’ll arrange for the property manager to take you on a tour of the properties.

Why do I have to put 20% down?

As regulated by the law, investment properties require 20% down. We will put together an investment where clients will receive the greatest return by following our recommendations. We’ve done the math to work around this aspect and we’re more than happy to share it with you to show you why we’re so confident in our projects.